A frequently asked question is “How do I know if I’m a qualified player”? There are many levels on which a player qualifies, anywhere from a reduced room rate or a “casino rate” to flying in private jets and staying in top suites.

If you have played in a casino and have received a rating card which is a card issued by the casino marketing department with your name and ID number on it and basically allows the casino track your play on either tables or slots. This card will develop a history of each player and the associated play for the customer which in turn justifies what complimentaries a player is entitled to. If you do not have a card, your first step is have a card made at designated card area at each casino and use it each and every time you play.

Your card must be presented to a games supervisor when you sit down at any of the table games or inserted in the slot machine that you are playing, be sure that your machine indicates “accepted” when the card is inserted. After leaving the casino, your ratings are history and are very difficult to amend.

Your qualified level is determined by several things, your average bet, time played and an internal game factor which when combined generates a number that dictates what complimentary cost will be given. This number is not to be confused with your “cash back play points” on slots, that is a different situation. A player’s win/loss is not usually a factor as a casino will comp you whether you will or lose as long as your play justifies it. There are situations that a large loss or a “quick loss” will supersede play time and allow for complimentaries based on that loss.

Once you have qualified and developed a history of playing, we are able to use those ratings to get a customer complimentaries at other properties, that is why it benefits a customer to travel with us, we can offer many destinations and get a player a preferred status based on our recorded play.

Hopefully this will help explain the qualified player and rating system, but remember “Always bet with your head, not over it.” We are always available should you have any questions on your play or what you are qualified for.

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